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DAW Lighting Guide

This page is used for hosting the DAW Light and Sound Manual (originally written in 2017). This site isn't only for that individual manual. There are also documents relating to Stage, Sound, and Lighting. To see the downloadable documents, please go to the Downloads section. There are also sections for lighting positions, and working sound channel inputs. For links to research more into these topics, please see the More Links section.


[jpg] Drama Room Lights Map Drawing. This diagram serves as a map to where each light in the Drama Room points to. Each physical light in the Drama Room takes up 6 channels (see [pdf] Light Board and Sound Manual (latest) for more).

[pdf] Stage Lights Map. This document is a map of where each light is on the stage in the Cafeteria. Note: The URL at the bottom of this document is invalid. A new version of this is coming soon.

[pdf] Drama Room Submasters. This document is a list of default generic submasters that were set in 2019 based on [jpg] Drama Room Lights Map Drawing.

Additional Files

[pdf] Flashbang Stage Technicians Guide 2018 by Aaron Wood. This document was written as a general theatre document (responsibilities of a Stage Manager, basic lighting and sound information, etc).

[pdf] How to Make Proper Lighting Charts. This document is a tutorial/explanation on how I make "lighting charts". The 2018 version shows you how to do it in Microsoft Word, and the 2021 version shows you how to do it in LaTeX.

Additional Files

[pdf] Light Board and Sound Manual (latest). This manual is an in-depth explanation on how to use the lighting and sound system in the Booth at DAW. You can also see previous versions of this manual here:

Additional Files

[pdf] Stage Plan with Measurements by Aaron Wood. This document is if you want to make any blocking diagrams of the DAW stage. It contains a blank version and one with measurements of the stage and wings.

Additional Files

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Lighting Positions (by area)

Lighting Positions (by number)

  1. Back of SL
  2. SL Downstage
  3. Downstage Centre
  4. [None]
  5. Between CS and SL
  6. CS
  7. CS and a little SR
  8. CS and a little more SR than #7, but dimmer
  9. SR
  10. Backstage SR Dimmed
  11. [None]
  12. [None]
  13. [None]
  14. [None]
  15. Dim small span over centre upstage
  16. Backstage Centre (dim)
  17. [None]
  18. Dim span over entire upstage SR
  19. [None]
  20. [None]
  21. [None]
  22. [None]
  23. [None]
  24. [None]
  25. [None]
  26. Mini Light CS VERY Backstage
  27. [None]
  28. [None]
  29. [None]
  30. [None]
  31. VERY back SR
  32. [None]
  33. VERY back SL in Red
  34. [None]
  35. Same as 33 but spans more and a little more intense
  36. Very light blue SR VERY Back
  37. Same as 36 but spans more and a little more intense
  38. [None]
  39. [None]
  40. [None]
  41. [None]
  42. Floor directly in front of DSC
  43. Beside stage SL
  44. [None]
  45. [None] - There is a light but not working for some reason
  46. [None]
  47. Dimmed House Lights (closest to stage)
  48. Dimmed House Lights (mid-audience)
  49. Dimmed House Lights (farthest from the stage)
  50. Lights 52-96: [None]

Valid Sound Channels

  1. Usable
  2. Usable
  3. Usable
  4. Usable
  5. Usable
  6. [Dead]
  7. Usable
  8. [Dead]
  9. Usable
  10. Usable
  11. Usable
  12. Usable
  13. Usable
  14. Usable
  15. Usable
  16. Usable
  17. [Dead]
  18. Usable
  19. Usable
  20. Usable
  21. Usable
  22. Usable
  23. Usable (used to be Eastman's wireless microphone #1)
  24. Usable (used to be Eastman's wireless microphone #2)
  25. STE1
  26. STE2 (Stage AUX input from projector)

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