Hussein Esmail


It's nice when things are not too complex. From the watches people wear to website design to the design of smartphones to desk setups. Hello everyone, and welcome to my rant about how the complex world is too complex (or at least some parts of it).

Take websites for example. This site may look much more simpler than your average cooking recipe website, yet this one lacks a lot of sidebar elements and JavaScript. Due to this, it makes it a lot faster to load, and the file size of each page is less than what others normally on (I also try to not use too many images for the same reason). Internet companies always market 'fast speeds', but if you're trying to access a site, it's only going to be as fast as it's slowest node. And when it does load, you may be using more data than you wanted (assuming you're on a smartphone). Webpages load lots of JavaScript, ads, images, and trackers. This may not be what you want if you have a low data plan and browse the internet on your phone on a regular basis.

For smartphones, I would argue that people are asking too much of them. I view smartphones as something you can use if you don't have a computer nearby. Many months ago, I read Reddit post that talked about how people should be using their phones only as a backup device, and to occupy yourself with offline hobbies and to carry some reading material with you instead of scrolling on social media when you have a minute or two to spare.

To take that a step further, I try to keep everything I would normally do on a smartphone at the computer. Social media feeds, emails, games, all of it. Of course, some things are unavoidable like phone calls and text messages. These should still be done with a phone, don't get me wrong. But most times there isn't an option to do those things at a computer (unless you have a macOS device + an iPhone).

This argument about data usage also leads me to a very strong opinion I have about the internet: Every website should have an RSS feed. Personally, I like to keep up with a few sites that don't do RSS (but they easily could with some help and googling). It would be much easier to see those posts with my other feeds, all aggregated in my normal RSS reader.

Even though viewer metrics aren't monitored by popular applications like Google Analytics, it is useful for those that do use it (like me!).

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