Hussein Esmail

discordrss Bot

Over the past few days, I've been working on a Discord bot. This bot can take messages from a channel and add them to an RSS feed. It's meant to be for channels that are for announcements or updates about something. I'm sort of making it because of selfish reasons :) because I prefer using RSS feeds compared to Discord announcement channels (or any feed-based social media really). This post is more of a what's-happening-in-my-life post, and later I will post an official documentation for this bot on this site.

How I Will Run It

Since you require a VPS (which I have, and also runs this site) to run a Discord bot, I might offer to host it to people for a small charge since they would also be using some of my bandwidth while the bot is reading/sending messages, and accessing the RSS files.

If anyone's wondering how much I would charge, at the moment I'm leaning towards $1/month per server, or $10/year per server. I would charge this via the Stripe platform to your payment method automatically.

I'm also making sure multiple people can use this bot at the same time, in case multiple people need me to host it for them. The way I did that is by making folders that is the server ID number, and anything that is specific to that server is stored there, like the JSON configuration file and the RSS file. Later on if people let me host the bot for them, I could have a list of all RSS feeds I'm hosting. It would be public, and I would only do it if they give consent for me to advertise it.

I Want In!

So you want this bot for your server, that's great! At the moment, you can send me an email here to get in contact with me about it. I'm not sure if I will add a more automated process (if I can). If anyone has feature requests or if you want to use this bot before it's live, let me know.